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Help shape services for children ages 0 to 6, their families and caregivers
The City of Ottawa is planning for the new Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres (OEYCFCs) and needs to hear from you.
Opening Ceremony Birch Bark Canoe
From January 24 to March 23, the University community and the public are invited to participate in the construction of a 13-foot birch bark canoe in support of the Truth...
Early Years and Child Care Strategy Survey
Tell us your ideas about how the Ontario government can help improve early years and child care in Ontario.
New Parents and Child Care Survey
A survey to explore how and when expecting and first time parents find child care.
Will your child be starting school next year?
Want to receive a free school readiness assessment from a registered clinical psychologist? The University of Ottawa’s ADHD and Development Lab is looking for families to participate in a study.
On behalf of the Ontario Special Needs Strategy Ottawa Planning Table, Anne Huot and Carol Theoret-Douglas would like to update you about the activities and progress they have made over the summer.
TCNS Launches their New Name - Making Connections Nursery School
The Board of Directors of Andrew Fleck Child Care Services is excited to officially announce the new name, Andrew Fleck Child Care Services - Making Connections Nursery School for our specialized nursery school program. The team shared new name options with their AFCCS colleagues and with Board approval Making Connections Nursery School was chosen as it highlights the positive outcomes the program promotes in helping children, parents and the community connect.
The Importance of Early Childhood Education
In the following video, the Honourable Margaret McCain, Chair of the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation, discusses the importance of early childhood education.
How Does Learning Happen? The Four Pillars of the Ottawa Story
Twenty five years ago, our community had a vision that saw each child as a child first. They wanted a supportive and inclusive system that was flexible as well as responsive to the changing needs of families, children and teaching teams. The hope was to reduce or eliminate social isolation which was experienced by so many families with a child with special needs.
Interested in Joining a Licensed Home Child Care Agency?
Learn more about the benefits of joining a licensed home child care agency in the following conversation between someone interested in joining an agency and two Andrew Fleck Home Child Care providers.
Family Time Tea
Andrew Fleck Child Care Services is happy to present to you Family Time Tea, a tasty tea that you can enjoy with your friends and family. This tea blend was chosen with assistance from the children attending one of our child care programs.
Finding Quality Child Care
Whether it’s called child care, day care, early childhood education or early learning, parents across Canada have a hard time finding what they need.
Find out how your child is developing
Two online screening tools to assist you in knowing how your child is developing...
Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from research about young children
Excellent videos on the influence of positive relationships and brain development